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Welcome to the Mellieha Bay Hotel

Malta has always been synonymous with beach culture. Well known for swimming, diving, and age old sun-worshipping, the water’s edge has always been a special spot to relax and unwind.

The Mellieha Bay Resort offers a selection of 4 charming swimming areas.

The beautiful private sandy beach and nearby seaside lido, offers sunbeds on which to relax, and a nearby bar offering refreshing cocktails.

The main fresh water outdoor pool, measuring 16 x 10 metres, offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, and truly captures the essence of coastal relaxation.

The popular Jamaica Inn consists of a fresh-water pool measuring 15 x 12 metres and is complemented by paddling pools for the kids. The atmosphere is enhanced by the unparalleled personal service offered by our staff who will see to your every need.

The outdoor pools are serviced by nearby bars from May to October, whilst the sandy beach and lido are catered for by the Water's Edge Bar in the peak months.

The heated indoor pool, measuring 10 x 7 metres, is an alternative choice for the cooler months.